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Slno English Sentences Equivalent ISL Sentences
1 Hello,What is your name? you name what?
2 My name is John my name JOHN
3 How are you? you fine?
4 I am fine I am fine
5 You are wrong you wrong
6 Where is the police station? police station where
7 Where is the hospital? hospital where
8 Where is the bathroom? is bathroom where
9 Where do you stay? you stay where
10 When we will go? we go when
11 When is your interview? your interview when
12 What's up? What's up
13 What is your mobile number? your mobile number what
14 What is your job? your job what
15 What is your father doing? you father doing
16 What is your age? you age what
17 What is today's date? today date what
18 What is the problem? problem what
19 What are you doing? you doing
20 Wait i am thinking wait I thinking
21 There was traffic jam there traffic jam
22 There are four people in my family my family four people
23 That is good that good
24 Take care Care
25 Stand up stand up
26 sit down sit down
27 Shall we go together tommorow? we go together tommorow
28 Shall i help you? I help you
29 Please wait for sometime some time wait
30 Please use dustbin, dont throw garbage garbage throw not use dustbin
31 Please give me your pen your pen give me
32 Please clean the room please clean room
33 Please call me later later call me please
34 Please call an ambulance ambulance call please
35 Open the door door open
36 No smoking please smoking no please
37 nice to meet you nice meet you
38 My mother is a homemaker my mother homemaker
39 My father is a doctor my fater doctor
40 Let's go for lunch lunch we go
41 Keep quite keep quite
42 I love to shop I like shopping
43 I live in Nagpur I live in Nagpur
44 I like pink color pink color I like
45 I have headache I headache have
46 I had to say something but i forgot I say something but forgot
47 I go to a theatre I go theatre
48 I don't undetstand anything me understand nothing
49 I am tired me tired
50 I am thinking me thinking
51 I am sorry Sorry
52 I am bore doing nothing I bore do nothing
53 I am a clerk me work clerk
54 I am 8 years old me age 8 years
55 How many people are there in your family? your family how many people
56 Happy journey happy journey
57 had your lunch? lunch finished?
58 Good question Good question
59 Good morning Good morning
60 Good afternoon Good afternoon
61 Good evening Good evening
62 Good Night Good Night
63 flower is beautiful flower beautiful
64 Don't worry worry not
65 Do you watch TV? you see Tv
66 Do you want tea or coffee? you want tea or coffee
67 Do you want something to drink? something you want to drink
68 Do you have money? you money have
69 Did you finish homework? you finished home work
70 Did you book tickets? you took tickets
71 can we meet tommorow? tommorow we meet possible
72 Be careful careful
73 are you sick? you sick
74 Are you hungry? you hungry
75 are you busy? you busy
76 Are you angry? you angry
77 any questions? questions any have
78 All the best best