deaf kitchen

Deaf Kitchen Recipes

All the recipes have interpreted in Indian Sign langauge (ISL) with inbulit english subtitles for better understanding.All are easy to learn. Note: It does not have audio.

  • sweetbread

    Sweet Bread

    Sweet Bread is a delicious sweet breakfast can be prepared In short time with white sandwich breads, eggs and milk.It is Delicious, try once you will love it.

  • breadupama

    Bread Upama

    Are you bored of bread toast and bread sandwiches, then this Indian Style bread upma is for you.This is a very tasty and delicious breakfast that can be make in a few minutes time? It can be prepared with left over bread also. Even those who do not like upma will love this bread upma.

  • amalapani

    Amala Pani

    Mouth Watering!! Recipe will be ready in a week and can be eaten for months. After panipuri you will surely love this dish. A very simple recipe prepared with Amala, Water and Chilies. No Gas required.

  • Fish Fry recipe in ISL

    Fish Fry

    Ahhh… It is a delicious recipe for sea food lovers. 9/10 sea food lovers have this. It is very easy to prepare and healthy. So you are ready to learn..

  • How to make Brinjal Fry in ISL

    Brinjal Fry

    Oh! It is tasty and short recipe from Brinjal, can be taken with meals instead of pickles. Few minutes of worth… true Brinjal lover will love this.

  • Tomato pickle recipe in ISL

    Tomato pickle

    Tomato pickle is a delicious recipe prepared within an hour. If you don’t like take a time to make hard pickle, then this recipe is for you. Surely you will love it in minutes.

  • Chapatti Noodles recipe in ISL

    Chapatti Noodles

    Chapatti Noodles is just an extension to noodles. Hope you have noodles at Chinese stalls. Spending money every day is not suitable for everyone. Hence we have come up with chapatti noodles which is tasty as noodles. All you need is prepared chapatti...