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What is Sign Language?

July 21, 2011 - 8:51pm By: talkinghands 0 comments
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What is Sign Language?
Sign language is utmost frequently used language in deaf community. It is a language which talk with help of hands movements, body parts and facial expression. Indian Sign language is commonly used sign language among deaf people in India. In different parts of India it has different signs but grammar is same throughout the country.Similiarly in different states of India has different languages(for example in Maharashtra Marathi, In Gujrat Gujrati etc.., same way signs language has little difference in contradictory region.
Spoken language is not connected to sign languages. Sign language has its own grammar structure. There are hundreds of sign languages used around the world. It can be used by normal person who can hear but could not speak or one who has difficulties in speaking and by normal human being to communicate with hearing disabled people.
Why one should learn sign language?
In India, people learn different languages when they relocate to different region to get familiar with local publics. They learn when relocate abroad in countries like china, Russia, Germany, Brazil etc... To communicate with regional folks. Then why one should not learn to sign language to communicate with person one who has hearing disability?? Not only to communicate with hearing disabled people but there are many reasons one should learn sign language along with them they are…

One can able to communicate with hearing impaired people.


One can open possibilities for friendship and relationships with disabled people.


One can improve self-confidence and enhance communication skills.


• To experience another avenue for expressing yourself creatively.


One can acquire the skill of nonverbal communication, body language, and facial expressions.


Maintain calm environment in the offices, schools and devotional places...


Hearing parents can communicate with their Deaf child and others.

Sign language brings Hearing & Hearing disabled people together. Also helps communicate with one who has communication disability.



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